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Oxford City Radcliffe Camera Panorama

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                                   Some interesting information about Oxford City

Oxford City is home to one of the world’s most famous University of Oxford. Visitors who visit University of Oxford are awed by grandness of architecture, history and traditions. Thousands of tourists visit this historical city and its university every day. There are several activities in which tourists can indulge themselves. Browse Oxford City Visitors Guide to plan your trip, we have covered all the main topics which are essential for planning your time.

Oxford City is friendly for pedestrians. There are many sidewalks, routes and maps for tourists who plan to stroll around. One important recommendation that we would like to make is be aware of bicycles. Students use bicycles as their primary means of transportation. Visitors are advised to look both ways before they cross any street while keeping in health and safety in mind.


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 Hotels in Oxford

Macdonald Randolph Hotel

Macdonald Randolph Hotel

Whatever your budget is? Find and book accommodation in Oxford. Oxford City     Visitors Guide has a comprehensive list of Oxford hotels, B&Bs, self-catering,   camping and more.

Sightseeing in Oxford


Oxford City Christ Church

Visit Oxford‘s top attractions, top sights and activities including Bodleian Library, Divinity School and Colleges of Oxford University. Buy guide books, tickets of Sheldonion Theater which was Christopher Wren’s one of the first design. Oxford City has filming sights Harry Potter and Inspector Morse.


Luxury Shopping near Oxford

Oxford City Bicester Village

A guide to Oxford’s luxury shopping destinations including the best designer shops and department stores and luxury jewellery. You can easily while away an hour, an afternoon or a whole day shopping in Oxford. Here’s our guide to Oxford’s top shopping areas.

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