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3 Hours Walking Tour of Inspector Morse

First adaptation of an Inspector Morse novel, the Dead of Jericho, television viewers in Great Britain were introduced on 6th January 1987 Tuesday. Colin Dexter teacher by profession has published the first novel “Last Bus to Woodstock”. He wrote many books on politics and general studies during his school teaching even after his retirement in 1988, he continuous to work part-time for the University Examination during the summer months. The crime novel was started to reduce the monotony of the holiday in Wales. Collins feels quite sorry now for rejecting the story from publication when it was first offered to him before Macmillan who prints it because of having full faith.

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The story gain popularity and become hit when the character was introduced in front of the large masses of people on the biggest television screen. To maintain the flow in writing, strict police procedure is often ignored that becomes the weakest point of the book otherwise it make well in topographical detail of Oxford. The popular detective gets the name from the ex-chairman of Lloyds Bank Sir Jeremy Morse. Several changes have been imposed in the television series such as originally Morse drove Lancia whereas now he drives his Jaguar car.

Twelfth Inspector Morse novel are highly applauded by the readers and the novels “The way through the woods and the Wench is dead” were awarded Gold daggers for being the best crime novel of the year by the Crime Writer Association and silver daggers for “Service of all the dead and the dead of Jericho”.  At ITV3 crime thriller awards that were voted by public telephone poll, Colin won the classic television drama writer’s award on 6th October 2008.


More than hundreds of different Oxford City Centre locations have been used for filming 33 episodes of Inspector Morse, recently Endeavour and six series of Lewis for about 25 years. All the places played a crucial role in book or an episode and considered as point of interest in itself. The locations are within walking distance of Oxford tourist information centre in Broad Street and today become one of the must-visit sightseeing in Oxford tour that tourists never forget to visit for making the complete Inspector Morse tour.

Below listed are some of the sought-after tourist destinations where holidaymakers can plan Oxford Walking Tours to explore the Oxford of Inspector Morse and have remarkable experience.

  • Ashmolean Museum
  • New College
  • Christ Church College and Meadow
  • Blackwell’s Bookshop
  • Bodleian Library
  • Blackwell’s Bookshop
  • Examination Schools
  • Oxford Railway Station
  • Pitt Rivers and University Museums
  • Sackler Library
  • Oxford University Real Tennis Club
  • Merton College
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • Bear Inn
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Oxford Union
  • Radcliffe Observatory
  • Sheldonian Theatre and Emperors Head
  • University College
  • White Horse Public House
  • Saint Mary the Virgin Church
  • Trinity College
  • Oxford Prison
  • Holywell Music Room
  • Lincoln College
  • Radcliffe Observatory
  • Brasenose College

Inspector Morse Walking Tour takes around 3 hours for exploring the magnificence and story of all the famous locations. Today, most of the colleges are charging an admission fee but if you want to take some photographs for few minutes or have friendly talk with staff then they don’t charge any entry fee and allows you to enter for free.



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