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Arms of the University of Oxford

Dear Visitor, the Arms of the City of Oxford exhibits an ox crossing the ford. Before the end of 12th century, this Symbol was placed on Borough seal and it was inscribed on the mayor’s seal by the end of the 14th century. In the year 1571, college of Heralds conceded the seal. The crest of the demi-lion, only the upper half, colored with gold and a black elephant shown on the left hand side of the shield as one faces it, with a green beaver shown against it on the right hand side. These two creatures appeared to be supporting the shield and for the same reason it are also called ‘supporters’. The elephant was the crest of the Knollys family while the beaver was one of the supporters of the Norreys Family. These two families had been famous Elizabethan families who held office in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in positions of some significance as Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff and High Steward of the city. The families also had some local Member of Parliaments.





The crest shown above the shield is made of gold demi, or half lion that wears a crown and holding the badges of the Houses of Lancaster and Yorkshire, in its two front paws red and white and both are derived from the Royal Insignia. They were planned to memorialize the visit of Queen Elizabeth I and stayed at Christ Church, in the year 1566.


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