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Blackwell’s Walking Tours

Blackwell’s Christmas Walking Tours with Mulled Wine

A Festive Trip!

Through this you will discover Oxford’s Christmastide and its Historic essentials. An opportunity to hear very famous Boar’s Head Feast will make your trip the best and this only feast is being recited since 14 century. You will also come across all literary sources related to Christmas and its traditions.

The tour departs from Foyer Area in the main Enterance,past White house Pub. The tickets are available at General till point that is situated at Ground Floor.

On the way to this trip, you will visit Jacob the Jew’s first Coffee House and also to LOUNGE where William Shakespeare stayed that dated back to 12 century

Fare is £9 that involves the charges of  a glass mulled wine ,Coffee or Tea. For booking telephone 01865 333602 or email oxford@blackwell.co.uk

Blackwell’s Walking Tours depart from the foyer area in the main entrance, past The White Horse Pub. To purchase tickets please go the General desk till point on the ground floor.

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