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Founded in 1509 by William Smyth, Bishop of Lincoln and Sir Richard Sutton, a successful Lawyer, Brasenose College takes its name from the name of a brass or bronze sanctuary knocker that was attached to the main door of the Brasenose Hall. Richard Sutton acquired the property for the location and Bishop offered for the expenses of the structure. The founders make statutes for the college from which first one was made by Bishop Smyth and later than by Sir Richard Sutton in 1522. Since at this time, the original knocker was at Stamford, a new brazen nose in the shape of nose was produced. It contains the sketch of human face where nose has been used as symbols for Brasenose College all through its history.

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Changes in College from 17th to 19th Century

In 1647, after the civil war Principal Radcliffe was ousted and new Principal Daniel Greenwood was intruded in his place when Brasenose suffered recurring financial problems and the college was debt in again. Samuel Radcliffe was expelled because he refused to recognize their authority when college experiences a parliamentary visitation. Because of Daniel Greenwood, Brasenose get stability for next many centuries. By the eighteenth century, college has earned a prestigious reputation and become one of the wealthiest colleges in Oxford. In 19th century, college acquired a great sporting reputation particularly in cricket and rowing.

Greatest Changes in Brasenose College’s History in 20th Century

The biggest change was brought in 20th century when women were allowed to take admission in college in the 1970s and when College decided to change the statutes to permit the admission of women in 1971. In 1972, first woman lecturer was appointed and first women undergraduates were arrived after two years in 1974.

Some of the most famous and former students of Brasenose College are Lord Scarman, John Buchan, John Mortimer, William Robert Grove, Richard Barnes, Charles Herbert Little and Field-Marshall Earl Haig. Brasenose College boasts alumni including Prime Minister David Cameron, William Golding, Dominic Barton and the comedian Michael Palin amongst its most famous Oxford alumni.

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Today the college consists of 92 graduates, 40 fellows, 329 undergraduates, 23 lecturers and considered as the best location of any Oxford University College.

Brasenose college is the Lonsdale college of the Inspector Morse novel and in addition to it, various television series were featured here such ‘The Dead of Jericho’, ‘The Way Through the Woods’ and ‘The Riddle of the Third Mile’.

The college was filmed in ‘The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn’, ‘The Settling of the Sun’, ‘The Last Enemy’ and ‘Twilight of the Gods’. In Lewis: “Whom The Gods Would Destroy”, Brasenose Lane closest to college is the place where Lewis can be seen walking while removing his bow tie after concert. The same location was again seen in Lewis: Falling Darkness. Currently, college locations have appeared in Lewis: “The Dead of Winter” and “Counter Culture Blues”.

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