Oxford City Visitors Guide to tourism in Oxford, England.

Oxford Tourist Information for planning your trip to visit Oxford City & University of Oxford.

Discover Vibrant Culture and Art of Oxford City

Oxford is the renowned city of the world that is well known as a centre of learning, ideal tourist destination, the home of Lewis and Inspectors Morse.  The city holds the perfect blend of modern charm and great history of ancient period. Quirky shops, world renowned hotels, lip smacking dining, crowded shopping streets, fascinating cafes, intriguing bars, alluring sightseeing, captivating parks and meadows are some of the main attractions that make Oxford the perfect hotspot destination for travelers.


“The City of dreaming spires” Oxford is considered as the honey-colored heritage in the heart of England and perfect spot for culture that can be explored through Oxford Tours. The beautifully constructed university buildings and the stunning works of creative artists should never be missed on the jaunt. Arts and culture of the city are the most significant things that provide it the great popularity and draw the attention of visitors all across the world.  

Oxford is a home for world famous art scenes, cultural jewels, theaters, picture gallery, collections and museums that can be reached easily by the visitors and some of them do not require admission charge.


Oxford Art

The museums date back to the ancient time period reflecting the complete history of the collected objects and art of the city. Modern Art Oxford is one of the famous Oxford’s museums that feature temporary pioneering exhibitions of photography and modern art by world’s leading contemporary artists.

Oldest public museum, Ashmolean was founded in 1683 and consists of the rich collection of art and archaeology that outlines the 17th century history back. The recently redeveloped building shows a dramatic new central atrium exactly at its heart. Don’t forget to visit the Oxford University Museum of Natural History that house the scientific collection of paleontological, entomological, mineralogical, zoological and other specimen. Providing the great satisfaction and delight to the visitor, Pitt Rivers Museum of ethnology and anthropology displays artifacts from different nooks of the world.

Oxford Culture

Cultural team of Oxford City Council commits for cultural development, organizing various events, festivals and arts funding. Various investments made by the council ensuring the outstanding celebration of events or show organized throughout the year.

Oxford has many theatres and cinemas where wide range of live performances and shows are performed all over the year. Odeon Cinema, Old Fire Station Theatre, Burton Taylor Studio, Phoenix Picturehouse, O’ Reilly Theatre, Pegasus Theatre, Vue Cinema and Ultimate Picture Palace are some of the well known theatres and cinemas of Oxford City.

Among all these, New Theatre and Oxford Playhouse are the two most visit theatres where variety of live music performance, dance and drama are hosted.

In addition to exploring the Oxford art and culture through museums or theaters, become a part of the biggest festivals that are celebrated with great enthusiasm such as Oxford Chamber Music Festival, Oxford Literary Festival and Jazz Festival.


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