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Harry Potter in Oxford City

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Around the world tourists visiting Oxford believe that Harry Potter was filmed in Oxford. This is partly true but in reality only fours film scenes were filmed here. However, University of Oxford buildings has similar feeling that tourist’s feel that they are walking in Hogwarts sights.

Four Harry Potter scenes which were filmed different in Oxford University colleges and buildings, as a tourist it will be a very difficult task to go inside all of the sights together.

No.1- Harry Potter filming sight is the Great Dining Hall

Christ Church College is most famous in Oxford as a Harry Potter filming site. Tourist believes that the Great Dining Hall of Harry is in Christ Church College and due to this reason Christ Church College £8 to £9 per person to visit the Dining Hall of Christ Church College.

Oxford City Visitors Guide will recommend tourist not pay £8 to £9 per person to Christ Church College for visiting the Dining Hall because the real Dining Hall of Christ Church was the inspiration to Harry Potter dining hall and not the same one. The real dining hall of Christ Church was in a studio in London .
Christ Church College has one actual Harry Potter filming site which is the “staircase” from where Harry Potter and his friends use to walk up and down. In our view entry fee of £8 to £9 per person is not worthy enough for tourists to go inside to see a very small dining hall as compared to real dining hall and “just the staircase”. We will suggest go our Oxford Walking Tour  and join the No.1 Tour on our listing which will take you inside a very beautiful dining hall of another college which inspired the dining hall of Christ Church College.

No.2- Harry Potter filming site is in New College

New College was established in 1379 and it has actual Harry Potter filming sight. VisitingNew College is also difficult because it not open everyday and at all the times. Some tour operators can take tourist inside New College on most of their tours, please visit our Oxford Walking Tour. As a tourist you need to find New College and then enter the college from Potter’s Lodge after paying the entry fee of £4. Before you enter New College we would recommend that ask the Potter in lodge that are the Harry Potter filming sight open or not. But the easiest way to save time and money will be joining a walking tour in Oxford which will ensures that you will see these Harry Potter filming sights. Please go on our Oxford Walking Tour.

No.3 Harry Potter filming sight in Oxford

Bodleian Library in Oxford University has two actual Harry Potter filming sights which tourists can visit on some days. Because Bodleian Library is a working library, tourist may find difficulty in going inside the Harry Potter filming sights. Oxford City Visitors Guide will recommend going on walking tour to ensure that you go inside these sights. Please visit our Oxford Walking Tour to go inside these Harry Potter filming sights.
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