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Jesus College Oxford

One of the most useful links to this prestigious college is the accommodation and tours for visitors. It is situated at Turl Street in Oxford and is often visited by many people on their trip to this unique town. It has nearly 5300 alumni spread in 84 countries-that’s how popular it is.

300 years ago…

Its glory takes it back to the 15th century when the regent was Queen Elizabeth I. It is the only Elizabethan College in the shire and within the university campus. The 1st benefactor was Hugh Aprice, a churchman. College life from 17th century onwards shows how academics were pursed in the past. Most students who finished their studies became clergymen. A few became doctors, lawyers or became MPs. In the 18th century, there were very few rich students studying here. Many new colleges were coming up during this era. In the 19th century the non-Welsh students increased. But the number of students becoming clergymen continued and was sent to Africa and India. In the 20th century there were changes.

The college today

In 1998 it became the only college in Oxford to get the maximum first class degree. The three quads are beautiful and attract visitors.

Address: Turl Street, Oxford OX1 3DW

Tel: 01865 279700

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