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Keble College Oxford

Keble College Oxford City

Keble College faces onto Keble Road, just off the Banbury road, and also onto Parks Road, close to the Museum of Natural History. It was founded 1870 in memory of John Keble, at the height of the religious ‘Oxford Movement’. This had the specific religious purpose of reclaiming the lost Catholic heritage of the Church of England, and was one of many movements which, through history, have succeeded in dividing opinion in the mainstream Christianity of the country. In 1870 there were only 30 students at the College, drawn to its religious principles. However, the first warden ensured that science also got its share of the curriculum. Not everything was ‘religious’ here by any means – the College became notorious for its unlicensed boxing matches.

Keble is built from bricks of two different colours. The architect of the College, William Butterworth, claimed he “had a mission to give dignity with brick”. The stripes formed by the different bricks, however, led to the College being nicknamed The Holy Zebra. Some people love it, some don’t – see what you think!

Keble today

The College can be visited between 2 pm and 5 pm. Highlights include::

  • The ARCO building
  • Main gate and Porter’s Lodge
  • Chapel
  • Newman Quad
  • Sloane Robinson Building
  • Dining Hall
  • Library
  • Pusey and Liddon Quad

The 4.5 acre grounds include beautiful gardens too, offering a tranquil environment for study and inspiration. The gardens attract many species of bird too.

Address: Oxford OX1 3PG

Tel: 01865 272727

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