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Lady Margaret hall: Awe-Inspiring Riverside Location in Oxford City

Lady Margaret hall most commonly known as LMH was initially founded in 1878 by Edward Stuart Talbot and later than by Warden of Keble College and his wife as the first women’s college in Oxford. Located at the end of Norham Gardens in North Oxford, it was established as a small hall in connection with England’s Church for the welcome of women eager to avail the special advantages offers by Oxford for higher education.


The hall was named in honor of Lady Margaret Beaufort, the mother of King Henry VII, founder of the Tudor dynasty and renowned patron of scholarship and learning. LMH was founded with the aim to change the University of Oxford and the whole world by making it possible for the first time to admit women to study at Oxford. Elizabeth Wordsworth (daughter of Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln) was the first principal of LMH and Mr. Alan Rusbridger (formerly Editor of The Guardian) is recently elected as the new principal.

It was believed that LMH was initially constructed as villa using grey brick and later than dominant red brick structures were added in 1881 and 1884 respectively when it become small. With the flow of time, several buildings have been further included over the years whenever college needs to expand. Major popular architects work for the construction of building such as Sir Reginald Blomfield, Raymond Erith, Basil Champneys and Giles Gilbert Scott.

Originally founded, the college admits only women for study but after 100 years from the day of foundation, it open equally for both men and women in 1979. The college has rich historical significance that dates back at the time period of earlier 1970s and mid-Victorian.

Facilities Available

  • Picnic area
  • Tennis court and sports field
  • Food and drinks in wood-paneled dining hall
  • Free wireless internet connection in bedrooms
  • Clean and fully-equipped accommodation
  • Shared gardens
  • Peaceful place for relaxation

Various events organized each year for the fun loving college life such as Tim Hetherington Society Film Festival, Heron-Allen Lecture, Oxford Alumni Weekend LMH Drinks Reception and Dinner, LMHBC Dinner and etc. Famous alumni of Lady Margaret hall includes politicians, athletes, celebrities, journals, business people, photojournalist, writer, geneticist, judge and lots more.


Famous LMH Alumni: Some well known LMH alumni are Benazir Bhutto, Eglantyne Jebb, Victoria Blake, Michelle Paver, Richard Albert, Juliet Campbell, Lindsey Davis, Sujata Manohar, Philip Hollobone, Frances Lannon and Tim Hetherington.

Located near to the historic center of City of Oxford, LMH is one of the most popular oxford colleges that have the large sweep of land and lovely garden in spacious ground along the River Cherwell. This is the reason that it has been used for the eight days filming of Lewis television series “Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things” during November 2010. The hall is the perfect location where you can organize conference, reception and other events because ample space is provided with top-notch facilities, world-class accommodation, bar terrace and breathtaking environment.

Exploring the harmonious architecture of LMH in the Walking Tour of Oxford provides most exciting and unforgettable experience. There are pools of places to visit in Lady Margaret hall where travelers get the long lasting ecstasy, relief and lots of fun.

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