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Lincoln College: Renowned Sightseeing in Oxford

Dating back to 1427, Lincoln College full name “The College of the Blessed Mary and All Saints” was founded in 13 October 1427 by Richard Fleming and then Bishop of Lincoln. Situated on Turl Street in central Oxford between the High Street and Broad Street, Lincoln is considered as one of the smaller undergraduate college in the Oxford City that offers excellent sporting and cultural facilities as well as world class student societies. Richard Fleming intended it to be “a little college” with the main motive of training the clergy ‘in true theology’ who could protect the mysteries of Scripture against those ignorant laymen who profaned with swinish snouts its most holy pearls.

Lincoln College

At this end, he acquire charter from King Henry VI for the college that mingles the parishes of all saints, St. Mildred’s within the College under the rector and St. Michael’s at the North Gate. In 1434, after the death of Richard Fleming in 1431, first rector William Chamberleyn left the college with only little money and few buildings. Later than second rector John Beke attract donors and secure the college.

Lincoln College Library

One of the most highlighting features of the college is its library that now holds some 60,000 books housed converted 18th-century church of All Saints the most beautiful building that was originally used as a City church. It was opened as a Library after the transformation by Robert Potter in 1971-1975. Library is the popular place for graduates as well as undergraduates alike to work that is continuously supporting the academic study of College members from ancient time till now and kept up-to-date with regular purchases.

Lincoln College ox

Today, the upper reading or Cohen Room has highly structured plastered ceiling and senior library holds the early printed books and historic collections of the College. It consists of plays dating from the late 17th and early 18th centuries, pamphlets from the English Civil War period, Wesleyana and small collection of manuscripts.

Senior Library founded at the downstairs is usually restricted to present staff and students although alumni may access it if acceptable justification is provided.

Lincoln College Accommodation

Wide range of accommodation offers in the Lincoln College on the basis of student occupancy and the schedule of the university academic year. First- and second-year students are accommodated in Turl Street and old part of college while third- and fourth-year students live a few streets away in Museum Road, opposite the college on the High Street and close to the Science Area. All the rooms are equipped with en-suite facilities and high speed internet connection.

Lincoln College oxford

Lincoln College Meals

Three meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) serve in Hall every day during term-time as well as throughout most of the vacations. Lincoln College food is considered as best in the University where cellar bar serves coffee and light lunches.

Among all the Places to Visit in Oxford, Lincoln College is the sought-after tourist destination that welcomes the guest throughout the year with huge delight and does not charge an admission fee. The college can be accessed easily via the main gate on Turl St (between Broad St and The High). If you want to discover the beautifully unspoiled set of quadrangles and get a sense of academic excellence tradition then surely visit at this college with Oxford City Visitors Guide that highlight all points of interest.


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