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Magdalen College, Bridge and Tower in Oxford

Magdalen College

Lying on the eastern side of Oxford’s city centre, next to the River Cherwell, showing a deer park and breathtaking Addison’s Walk around the picturesque meadow, Magdalen College is Oxford University’s one of the most popular and scenic college. Owes its foundation in the year 1458 by William Waynflete, bishop of Winchester, the college is named in the honor of Mary Magdalene. Although the work of building did not start until 1474, thanks to the liberality of Waynflete and various benefactors that help in completion of the work and establishment of main building in 1481.

The college become Oxford’s one of the wealthiest College by the reign of Henry VIII. The high Anglican chapel of the Magdalen is the best worship place for the college members, university community and others. At the heart of college, there is a formation of the choir that was the part of college statues.  Magdalen is one of the four choral foundations in the University of Oxford other three being Christ Church college, New College and Merton College.                                                                                                                                                 Magdalen College

College is one of the most spotlight places of the Oxford Tourism that welcomes visitors all through the year. All the travelers such as an alumnus, potential student, tourist or an academic visitor have the lots of things to do as per the interest because the college is accessible throughout the day with world class facilities. There are many cafes and shops around the corner of Longwall Street and awe-inspiring University’s Botanic Gardens just across the road from Magdalen’s entrance where you have a great time to rejuvenate your senses.

The major areas of the College that are popular across the world and open for the tourists are Old Kitchen Bar, Hall, Parkland, Water Walks beside the River Cherwell, Deer Park, Chapel and captivating gardens.

Magdalen Bridge

Magdalen College3

Magdalen Bridge is one of the must-visit sightseeing located next to the Magdalen College that has been used for crossing from the earlier time period. It is believed that the bridge was originally a wooden trestle construction and its first known reference goes back to 1004. By the 16th century, bridge had replaced the wooden one by a stone structure of around 1,500 feet (460 m) in length with 20 arches. According to the sources, the founder of Magdalen College, William Waynflete gives donation for the bridge reconstruction in the 15th century.

Magdalen College2

The bridge was later condemned as being dangerous because of the negative effects of regular flooding and a generalized lack of maintenance even the bridge did not allow crossing of the two vehicles together safely. Thus, there was need for the reconstruction of the bridge and it was consequently rebuilt by John Gwynn of Shrewbury with a similar length to the previous one between 1772 and 1778.

The travelers can enjoy the delighting time by taking pleasure from the rowing, punting, picnic and lots of thrilling activities by visiting at the Magdalen Bridge Boathouse.

Magdalen Tower

Situated directly in the High Street, Magdalen tower (the tallest building in Oxford) is also one of the most visited tourist attraction in Oxford City Tours that is considered as a main point for the celebrations in Oxford on May Morning. It is a bell tower that was initially built of stone from 1492 and fully completed in 1509 at the height of 144 feet (44 m). Each May day, the choir of the college sings an invocation to summer and two traditional hymns to celebrate the May morning in Oxford.


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