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Mammoth History of Oxford’s First Suburb “Jericho”

Lying in the ancient Walton Manor to the northwest region of the city wall in Old Northgate Hundred, Jericho was first suburb of the English city of Oxford. Consisting of the streets laid out on a simple grid pattern enclosed by Walton Well Road, Oxford Canal, Walton Street and Worcester College, the name Jericho used to signify remote place outside the wall. The name was truly taken from Jericho Gardens but it was believed to have its foundation in the jerry-builders who construct it. In 1770 when hospital opened, the garden lay to the west of Radcliffe Infirmary and it was mentioned by the Anthony Wood in the earlier 1688 when Jericho close to the current location of Jericho house.


Originally, Jericho was an industrial area of commercial significance because of the presence of Oxford Canal that was completed in 1790 connecting rivers Mersey and Trent. The area had been home to Jericho Iron and Brass foundries that were built in 1825. It becomes the most popular working-class and student quarter that is also considered as home of the new Oxford University Press buildings. It was formerly a place where travelers take rest if they reached the city after the closing of gates.

According to the reports of 1870s, it was believed that early Jericho homes were built with very poor drainage. Overcrowded residencies over low-lying land and insufficient basic drainage results into flooding and open sewers that becomes the cause of many deaths due to severe diseases such as diarrhea and typhoid.

Large masses of people objected to save this historic area when plans were designed to replace the red light area with residential housing and light industrial units. This protest ultimately changes the plan. After some time, with the encouragement of families and young professionals, Jericho became one of the most sought-after areas of Oxford City.

Jericho Tour Attractions

Bookbinder’s Arms is featured many times in original novel and television series of ‘The Dead of Jericho’. In addition to it, the city locations has been used in the filming of several episodes such as “Lewis: The Great and the Good”, “The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn”, “Death is now My Neighbour” and lots more.

Along with various alluring sightseeing in Oxford Tourism, Jericho is the most well known tourist destination that has many fascinating places to visit, amazing landmarks and things to do for unforgettable tour experience.

Main Jericho Tour Attractions

  • Phoenix Picturehouse
  • Ruskin College
  • St Barnabas Church
  • St Sepulchre’s Cemetery
  • Oxford University Press Building
  • Jericho Community Centre
  • Jericho Tavern
  • Hasmonean Palace
  • Oxford Jewish Congregation
  • Hisham’s Palace
  • Wadi Qelt
  • Jericho Tell
  • Mount of Temptation
  • Inn of the Good Samaritan

If you are in mood to visit at this city and get your head around the colossal history then pack your bag and fulfill your desire today to get the awe-inspiring experience by observing the main attractions.


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