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Modern Art Oxford Celebrating its 50th Anniversary

Established in 1965, Modern Art Oxford with an international reputation for innovative and inspirational programs is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016 as an internationally acclaimed powerhouse of contemporary visual culture with a new year-long exhibition.


Since the day of foundation, museum is continuously hosting film screenings, live music, performances and has organized more than 700 events. Modern Art Oxford (MAO) has planned a year-long program of events over the next twelve months with new ongoing exhibition called Kaleidoscope retrospective of museum’s 50 year history.


Kaleidoscope is a yearlong series of interlocking shows, performance, interlinking exhibitions and events presenting snapshots from its past and great moments of its history through a shifting series of pieces.

On the occasion of celebrating its 50th anniversary, Director Mr. Paul Hobson said that through this exhibition we want to demonstrate the power of artwork to change their meaning when you shift them through several spaces.

Fraser Muggeridge Studio designed the graphics for the exhibition and the logo of the gallery taken over 50 years from the pattern of its design then it is fragmented with the artwork by Sol Le Witt.

New Exhibition will display some of Le Witt’s drawings over the summer, iconic works from the past return to the gallery as a part of dynamic series of events by highly praised artists of the modern creation. KALEIDOSCOPE will open for the next 12 months throughout the year allowing public rare behind-the-scenes views and insight into the processes of exhibition-making.


Other artists include Richard Long, Dan Graham, Guan Xiao, Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Turner prize winners Douglas Gordon and Elizabeth Price, Louise Lawler, Hardeep Pandhal, Pierre Huyghe, Maria Loboda, Gustav Metzger, Gareth Nyandoro, Iman Issa, Kevin Beasley, Hans Haacke, Sol LeWitt, Yoko Ono and etc.

KALEIDOSCOPE Live is a program that will group works under five subheadings, starting with Indivisible Present that transforms into next new exhibition. Time that has been the key concern at Modern Art Oxford for artists commissioned over the last 50 years will be a KALEIDOSCOPE’s recurring theme.

Dog Kennel Hill Project shows Études in Tension and Crisis, a body of new live work for the museum while writer-in-residence Sally O’Reilly present with performances and text during the Invisible Present.


Further adding Mr. Paul Hobson said that residents are also welcomed at the museum to tell their experience of previous visits at Modern Art Oxford through a side project called 50 voices and there are so many major works in the city to enjoy.


Events that museum will hold to celebrate Modern Art Oxford 50 years anniversary.

February 6-April 2016 (The Individual Present)

What we see and the things we miss are explored in works by artists including Yoko Ono, Viola Yeşiltaç, Douglas Gordon, Dog Kennel Hill Project, Pierre Huyghe, Elizabeth Price and John Latham who examine time from an unconventional perception.

6 February 2016 (Book launch)

Sign with Gagosian Gallery Director Mark Francis as well as artist Dan Graham (who exhibited at Modern Art Oxford in 1978) and reissue of Buildings.

11 February 2016 (A Gallery for Everyone)

Curatorial researcher, Hilary Floe talks about the early history of Modern Art Oxford as a new kind of institution where audience has chance to interact directly with the fundamental new forms of art emerging at the time.

13 February 2016 (Idiot King Presents… If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is)

One-day musical takeover in collaboration with “Idiot King” Oxford promoters include electronic and acoustic music and stall that features local artists.

18 February 2016 (Russian Ark (2002))

Historical drama in which 19th century French aristocrat encounters historical figures from the last 200 years while travelling across the Russian State Hermitage Museum.


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