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New Survey Research by Adapt Nutrition Named Oxford as UK’s Finest City

According to the new survey of 2000, research by Adapt Nutrition, it is founded three quarters of people in the City of Oxford say around 74 per cent work out on the regular basis at least once a week.

A term coined to Oxford as the “UK’s finest city” because it is the ideal city where largest numbers of people participate in regular exercise in the nation.



After achieving the new name, Mark Lygo, executive board member of Oxford City Council for events, sports and leisure said that today I am feeling greatly delighted to know that highest numbers of Oxford people are participating in regular exercise, leisure activities and sports.

Signifying the importance of exercise, he further said that regular work out not only helps to develop the physical and mental health but is also a biggest source of fun.

To continuing the process of taking regular participation in exercises, Oxford City Council promises to make the investment continuously in order to provide reasonable exercise and sports opportunities to each and every people all across the city.

Liverpool has been pipped to the second post by the Oxford where 65 per cent of people were found to exercise at least once a week while Manchester is ranked at third with 63 per cent of people taking part in regular exercise.

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