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Oxford Tourist Information for planning your trip to visit Oxford City & University of Oxford.

Premium Free Oxford Walking Tours

 Free Walking Tours of Oxford University, City & Bodleian Library

by University Graduates & Professional Guides 

This tour has been approved & quality assessed by The University History Faculty 

Oxford Walking Tours

Oxford City Visitors Guide recommends all visitors to join the Oxford Walking Tours. These fantastic and entertaining tours are run by Oxford Students and University Alumni and have been approved by University’s History Faculty.

This makes them Oxford’s most popular city tours, taking in the greatest sites of Oxford city and University, and offering real value for money. The Oxford Walking Tour has gained excellent customer reviews, high satisfaction rates, and was winner of Oxford’s ‘Best Told Story’ in 2014 and 2015.

Premium Free Walking Tours of Oxford 

 Private Tour for 90 minutes  – £60  (group tours)

 Private Tour for 2 Hours£70 (group tours)

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This is the most popular tour in Oxford, with professional guides taking you to all the best sites in the city, offering fantastic value for money. Oxford Walking Tours guide will take you on a Walking Tour of Oxford that you will remember for the rest of your life, visiting all the best historical sites, revealing a unique and fascinating past, and illustrating the rich history of Oxford.

With Oxford Walking Tours visit oldest chapels

The history of Oxford is not well known to many visitors, but our guides will turn you all into Oxford experts, highlighting many landmarks and topics of interest throughout the city centre. Our guides will take you behind the closed doors of Oxford University and city to explore historic Oxford traditions and some of the oldest colleges and chapels,giving you incredible insights into this“City of Dreaming Spires”. ��Click here for more information about this Free Walking Tour of Oxford.

  • Free visit inside two different historical Oxford University colleges.
  • Visit two historical Oxford University colleges for free.
  • Learn about Oxford University traditions and history and hear about some famous student anecdotes. 
  • Visit C.S. Lewis’ Narnia, Tolkien’s Middle Earth and Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland.
  • Visit Harry Potter and Inspector Morse filming sights.
  • Visit the most haunted site in Oxford. 
  • Hear the fascinating history of Oxford University, The Bodleain Library and The City of Oxford.
  • Take in more than 40 historical sites, including 15th century Dining Halls, Lecture Halls, beautiful Chapels, Cloisters, Old Graduation and Exam Schools.
  • The Tours begin at 11 am and 2 pm everyday.
  • The Tour lasts approx. 2 Hours, with the chance to sit down on the way, and with less than 25 minutes of walking.
  • Limited spaces available, and booking is required before joining the tour.
  • We have 75 qualified and professionally trained guides working with the Oxford Walking Tour.

Oxford Walking Tours

Three Co-Founders of Oxford Walking Tours, who led our first tours in 2010. From the left: Elizabeth, Grace and Emma, all graduates of the History Faculty.

Oxford Walking Tours

Harry Potter & Inspector Morse filming sites only on our tour.

On our tour you will learn about the important traditions and historic events which influenced the making of this great academic centre of learning. Our guides will leave you with a detailed understanding of the history of Oxford University, the Bodleian Library and the city. Our Walking Tour of Oxford includes visits inside the most beautiful sites,including the Gothic splendour of The University Church of St Mary the Virgin, The Divinity Schools,and New College. Click Here for more information

Oxford Walking Tours

Bridge of Sighs Oxford Walking Tours Sight

Which sights will be covered on Free Oxford Walking Tour?
The Oxford Walking Tours takes in the highlights of Oxford University, the City and the Bodleian Library. It includes:
  • 45 Minutes inside two of the oldest Colleges (University tour)
  • 30 minutes inside The Bodleian Library (other tours spend hardly 10 minutes here)
  • 45 minutes outside enjoying the best sights in Oxford City

Oxford Walking Tours Bodleian Library

Our famous 2 Hour Premium Free Oxford Walking Tours will cover all the main areas given below:

  • Detailed history of the origin of Oxford University and its chief sites
  • Visit to the site of the burning of the Oxford Martyrs in the 16th century
  • Visit to The Museum of The History of ScienceOxford Walking Tours

Visit the oldest, most famous, beautiful Oxford Colleges 

  • Visit the Oxford University Church of St Mary
  • Visit the Old Bodleian Library and the New Bodleian (Weston) Library
  • Visit the famous Bridge of Sighs and some historical pubs for “an education in intoxication”
  • Learn the history of Brasenose College where Prime Minister David Cameron was a student
  • See the magnificent architectural gem of All Souls College in the heart of Oxford University
  • Learn about the Oxford University Press and the printing of the iconic Oxford English Dictionary
  • Enjoy a visit to the historic School of Divinity,a surviving medieval building, part of Oxford University


Oxford Walking Tours

Official Church of University of Oxford Walking Tours Sight

  • See the Graduation venue of the Sheldonian Theatre
  • Discover the famous and mysterious Emperors Heads of Oxford
  • Oxford Walking Tours guides will take you into the historic, beautiful colleges of Oxford University while bringing to life the history of Oxford, with its fascinating past and rich traditions. Our guides are experts in the historic landmarks of Oxford’s iconic history. We have special access to many sites and will take you behind the closed doors of the world famous University of Oxford.
  • Our guides will illustrate many of the historic events that formed Oxford City, including the rivalry between ‘Town and Gown’ (i.e. City versus University)

Oxford Walking ToursSome of the filming locations of TV’s Inspector Morse and the Harry Potter films are all part of our daily tours. Our guides will show you some of the inspiration behind the Chronicles of Narnia and The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, not to mention Alice in Wonderland.

  • We’ll provide the answer to many questions, such as:
    • Why is the University of Oxford different from other universities?
    • How much do students pay for tuition fees at Oxford University?
    • How does a student choose which College to belong to at Oxford University?

    Filming sights of Inspector Morse and Harry Potter are part of all our daily tours. Our guides will take you to the inspiration of Chronicles of Narnia with a visit to inspiration of The Lord of the Rings and ending with Alice in Wonderland.

    Oxford Walking Tours

  •  How are interviews given inside the famous colleges?
  • How and where are University lectures delivered?
  • Where is the graduation ceremony conducted and how it is performed?
  • Visit the Old School Quads

Oxford Walking ToursThe most pictured building Radcliffe Camera.

  • Discover – and the most photographed building in Oxford, the Radcliffe Camera
  • Discover the secret code of the Tower of Five Orders and much more…!
  • Booking is required before joining this tour, as we get access inside the oldest colleges, which do not allow big groups to visit. Book now, as there are limited places available!

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Oxford Walking Tours start everyday outside the Oxfam Shop on Broad Street.
 (Booking required)

Oxfam Shop

17 Broad St, (opposite Balliol College Gate)

Oxford OX1 3AS
United Kingdom

Call us on 07412937003

Oxford Walking Tours Oxfam Shop No.17 Broad Street

Oxford Walking Tours starting point is Oxfam Shop No.17 Broad Street.



An article by a visitor on travel experience after Oxford Walking Tours 

We gave a hearty laugh, astonished and amused while our voice rose and fell with the other sounds of the festival.

As the subway train stopped, it sent forward the urine spill on to the carriage. I could hardly salvage my bag, which was ruined with all the gushing liquid.

You shouldn’t grumble about Chinese toilets. The toilets are hardly in tune with the country’s rapid development, which shows the most toilets as nothing more than holes in the ground or horrible pits.

In many places including Beijing you come across people usually children who use street as a toilet with most of them having easy to use flaps.

It’s not big botheration in Shanghai, which is properly westernised. It has Marks & Spencer too. I spent some of my time exploring Shanghai and I found it quite encouraging with futuristic landscape across the Bund as the streets looked wealthy, having rich homes and beautiful people.

Oxford Walking Tours

Oxford Walking Tours

The Shanghai subway was usually clean as I found it, besides efficient and easily traversable and I forgave for any deficiencies that I found elsewhere. Still there were some typical idiosyncrasies that I came across while travelling in Shanghai which I would like to share: the free boarding which results in getting elbows slammed into the ribs and they occupied and spread all over the carriage that seemed to be more annoying. No sooner did we come out of the city as the toddler scampered from one end of the carriage to another with the Grandfather running after him waving a restaurant menu when the mother began hollering. I for the best part avoided the stare.


Oxford Walking Tours Tourists & Tulip buying in the Netherlands

There is a piece of Holland existing outside of Amsterdam

Mum is surprised at finding a rack full of magnets with clogs. This is pretty bit normal as every next shop in Amsterdam has tons of magnets with clogs. I personally took them to fancy as I end up buying almost seven of them.

But we are excited to be out of Amsterdam in exploring Holland as we travelled for more than two hours from the middle of Amsterdam to the city of keukenhof, a place that is the world’s largest flower gardens and Mum is visibly happy at the opportunity of buying ,well a lots of tulips, crammed into the suitcase and dragging them to our home in southern England where we could plant them in our garden.

But I doubt if it would ever come true the dream of planting many tulips but still she could go for purchasing a wooden tulip with plenty of exotic colours or a sun hat having a windmill on the top of it. We are in a gift shop at Keukenhof,  which is supposedly one among 16 other gift shops as outside it’s raining heavily. It has got an appeal as that of British theme park! With the theme of thousands of tulips sights with Oxford Walking Tours.

We are feeling a typical British way enjoying all that is available for fun and frolic in this bold outdoor trip, it is turning out to be amazing excursion. It is hard to gauge the mood of Netherlands outside of Amsterdam and we also had no clue about how it feels to be like the Dutch once outside of Amsterdam and we were quite anxious to find it out after Oxford Walking Tours

The scenery is that of plain fields stretching out in every direction you look out with a sinuous drainage canals passing through the fields like the grid system holding out in Manhattan. I could fairly guess well how it feels outside once we sail out of the airport in a shuttle bus to our destination as besides thousand of other tourists and I think I am right in guessing the mood of Holland as that of frivolous fun.

Oxford Walking Tours

Oxford Walking Tours

However it is almost spring and outside it’s colourful as if the fields have taken over a blanket of all the colours to find in Technicolor. It is tulip season while the farmers in Netherlands grow tulips like the farmers of England producing wheat.

Row after row of a mixture of tulips with various colours of reds, blues and oranges stretching out till the eyes could figure out in the horizon somewhere far, very far. It looks like something out of fiction rather than being something real as the fields don’t hold out like rainbows.

But these fields look typically like rainbows bent on the surface. Meantime by joining Oxford Walking Tours we arrive at Keukenhof, and it seems like a heaven hidden on the earth, somewhere at hour’s distance off the south-western Amsterdam, as we pour out of the bus into the gates and about 800 different species of tulip are waiting to be discovered in this flowery bed which like rosaries stretching out like heavens opening.

So its going to be a full day of photography as I prepare my camera after zipping up my Mac, in all we are going to be with Oxford Walking Tours guides.







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