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Oxford’s Ten Beautiful Gardens, Tranquil Meadows and Scenic Parks

Home of the University of Oxford and widely known as the “city of dreaming spires”, Oxford is the described as the ideal place for relaxation. Having the appealing historical architecture, oxford is covered with full of green spaces where a person gets unwind from the dreary life after observing the breathtaking environment and feeling the fresh air. Mainly known for the honey-colored university buildings, historical and modern colleges, stunning nightlife, opulence hotels, world class restaurants and exciting shopping, Oxford has many gardens, parks and meadows great for walking and lodging.

When tired from exploring the history and architecture of Sightseeing in Oxford, take a deep breath of romantic and pleasant air in gardens and parks for relief. There are plenty of green spaces in the city for the nature lovers that are considered must-visit in Oxford tourism.


Beautiful parks, peaceful gardens and tranquil meadows located in the scenic areas of Oxford are listed below:

Christ Church Meadow

Lies between River Isis (River Thames) and Christ Church, Meadow is the best picnic spot that can be accessed from Merton Street between Merton and Christ Church College, from St. Aldate’s through the memorial gardens, from the eastern end of the High Street and from Rose Lane by the Botanical Gardens. Whole tiredness gets eliminated by sitting near the river and watching the colorful ducks and swans.

Oxford University Botanic Garden

University of Oxford Botanic Garden lies on the peaceful Cherwell River’s bank and east end of High Street contains the wide range of exotic plants and flowers all arranged together in picturesque manner.

Magdalen College Deer Park

Headington Hill Park

Surrounded by the lush greenery, Magdalen College Deer Park is a tranquil place that offers the scenic view of beautiful river running through the park and charming trees.

Headington Hill Park

Largest park in the eastern region of Oxford city, Headington Hill Park host many open-air concerts and performances in the summer.  

Port Meadow

Measuring approximately 440 acres, Port Meadow is the ideal spot for cycling and walking in an area where cows and horses are grazing. It is believed that the land has never been ploughed or farmed. The people of Bronze Age were buried their dead and during the summer months, iron age people lived on the meadow and also grazed their livestock there.

Florence Park

Florence Park

Presented by the former Councilor F.E. Moss, park named in memory of his sister Florence and today considered as family-friendly park where tourists has lots of things to do such as local wildlife watch, observing the colorful flowerbeds, play table tennis and etc.

Shotover Country Park

Covering almost 117 hectares (289 acres) on the southern slopes of Shotover Hill, the park offers the amazing chance to enjoy the perfect time at the place having the wonderful blend of beauty and history right on the edge of Oxford with free of cost.

South Park

South Park is one of the largest parks in Oxford City occupying across 50 acres of open space. Park is around 5 minutes walk from Cowley Road and commonly known for the summer events.

University Park

University Park has ample space to enjoy the blissful time by playing cricket, lawn tennis, walking around the green environment, picnic with family and friends. Covering approximately 70 acres, it offers the gripping view of flower-filled meadows and pictorial gardens.

Hinksey Park

Providing the great opportunity to enjoy the leisure time, Hinksey Park has boating lake, outdoor swimming pool, playing area for kids, tennis courts, wildlife and kiosk selling refreshments.

Apart from the aforementioned places, Oxford has many parks, meadows and gardens such as Cutteslowe Park, Cotswold Wildlife Park, Angel & Greyhound Meadow, Bury Knowle Park and etc.


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