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Oxford’s Topmost Popular Museums and Art Galleries

Oxford worldwide famous for its prestigious universities, got its name ‘Oxenaforda’ means ‘Ford of the Oxen’ originally since early Anglo-Saxon times. Widely known as “the home of the University of Oxford in English speaking world”, Oxford city has almost 40 colleges. Oxford University is first mentioned in 12th century record but its exact foundation date is still unknown for all. Describing the classiness and harmonious architecture of the famous university buildings, Great poet Matthew Arnold titled this metropolis as the “city of dreaming spires”. He coin this term to the city because it long served as an inspiring landscape to dreamers, artists and writers.


Apart from holding the great significance for its iconic University buildings, Oxford has rich history, memories, countless records, archaeology, stunning architecture, prints, ancient documents and photographs of ancient time period. The unknown tradition, hidden stories and history of the city can be explored easily with full on enjoyment through Oxford Tours. Historic center of the city can discover on foot while observing the glory from the close look within easy walking distance. One of the best ways to unearth the Oxford is to visit its interesting museums that house the collection of ancient and modern Oxford.

Popular Oxford Museums

Ashmolean Museum

Founded in 1683, Ashmolean Museum is home to University of Oxford’s museum of art and archaeology that was originally located on Broad Street. This is the world’s oldest university and public museum that encompasses the extensive collection of university such as Raphael drawings, Egyptian pre-Dynastic sculpture and ceramics outside Cairo, greatest collection of Chinese art in the western world, drawings by Rembrandt, paintings by Botticelli and lots more. The museum’s interior was rejuvenated in 2009 and resulted into the five floors instead of three floors with the doubling of gallery space, inclusion of education center, restaurant and conservation studio.


Radcliffe Camera Panorama

Radcliffe Camera Panorama

Museum of the History of Science

Containing an unrivaled collection of historic scientific, mathematical, astronomical and physical instruments across the world, this museum is located in Broad Street and housed in the world’s oldest surviving purpose-built museum building. The museum was the original site of the Ashmolean Museum but now-a-days, it is referred as “Old Ashmolean”.

Pitt Rivers Museum

Located on park road (entrance via the Oxford University Museum of Natural History), Pitt Rivers Museum is one of the most popular place in Oxford Tourism that contains the best collection of archaeology, anthropology and objects collected during Captain James Cook’s expedition to the south pacific. There are fetishes, musical instruments, textiles, jewelry, currency, weapons and lots more so that visitor can observe the worldwide ideas development.

Christ Church Picture Gallery

Houses an important collection of 300 Old Master paintings and drawings bequeathed to Christ Church by General John Guise in 1765, Christ Church Picture Gallery is one of the most popular gallery in the country.


University Museum of Natural History

Located on Parks Road, the impressive museum consists of the University’s collections of pale ontological, zoological, geological, entomological and mineral specimens. It is the inspiration for dodo in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s stories and here visitors love to see the dinosaur skeleton and cases of all sorts of once-living creatures.

Museum of Oxford

Located next to the Town Hall (worth a visit) on St Al date’s, the museum displays the long history of the city and university in a winding series of rooms. The display includes scenes of university life, treasures from Oxford colleges and original quarter boys from Carfax Tower.


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