Oxford City Visitors Guide to tourism in Oxford, England.

Oxford Tourist Information for planning your trip to visit Oxford City & University of Oxford.

Places to Visit in Oxford

All the Best Places to Visit in Oxford

There are huge number of places to visit in Oxford. Oxford City Visitors Guide has comprehensive list of places to visit for tourists, who planning to visit Oxford. There are many world class museums in this historic city.

Places to visit in Oxford

Find top places to visit in Oxford

  1. Ashmolean Museum is for everyone who loves Art and Archaeology. This museum exhibits many unique exhibitions throughout the year. The museum holds a huge collection of artifacts to fascinate all age groups. Click here for more information on Ashmolean Museum.
  2. Pitt Rivers is a gem of a museum for anyone looking for eccentric artifacts, it is located behind the Museum of Natural History. There are many interesting things, including giant dinosaurs and skulls of witches. Everyone who visits this place in Oxford City will not be disappointed. Click here for more information on Ashmolean Museum.
  3. Oxford Castle Unlocked is a quirky experience because you are guided by guide who dresses up in a period costume. Oxford Castle was a prison and has many unsolved murder mysteries to be discovered.
  4. Port Meadow is one of the most relaxing places to visit in Oxford. This place is little out of Oxford City Centre and can be reached by bus or walking through back lanes.
  5. Worcester College is one of the 38 colleges of Oxford University. Worcester College has its own lake and wonderful ground.
  6. Dink a Pint in a Oxford Pub. Oxford has many historic pubs and many students apply Oxford Thinking into Drinking. Our list of favorite pubs can be found on Oxford Pubs page.
  7. Click on 37 things to do in Oxford, for planning your visit to Oxford England with our guide. There are many places to visit in Oxford which can be interesting to all the visitors to complete the Oxford Experience.
  8. Visit the High Street in Oxford which also known as “The High”. The High has many beautiful views of “the city of dreaming spires” and one tip we would like to give you that do not forget to look up because Oxford’s best views are above eye level.
  9. Blenheim Place is the birth place of one of the most successful British PM’s Sir Winston Churchill. The Blenheim Place has an attractive English Baroque architecture which leaves visitors speechless.  There are several exhibitions and events for visitors to discover.
  10. If you are wondering to what to do in Oxford? Then look no further because what to do in Oxford list awaits you to browse it and get all the information you need to plan your Oxford Visit.
  11. Join a Oxford Walking Tours for comprehensive understanding of Oxford University history and traditions. We recommend the following tour as it is rated highly be visitors. Join Oxford Walking Tours by Oxford Students and University Alumni.


Oxford Walking Tours with Oxford Students is the easiest way to visit Oxford University colleges because students have a membership with colleges and they can take visitors inside a college where tourists or other tour operators cannot go.















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