Oxford City Visitors Guide to tourism in Oxford, England.

Oxford Tourist Information for planning your trip to visit Oxford City & University of Oxford.

Six Exciting Things to do in Oxford England

Top-class spot for unique culture and honey-colored heritage, Oxford is the one of the most awe-inspiring countries in England that has no perfect time to visit because all the seasons has own allure. The city has lots of things to do and sightseeing to see for the visitors that can be visited easily by walking on the footsteps on walking tour or via

Oxford Sightseeing Bus.

Bus by The Queens College

Bus by The Queens College

Enjoying one minute on the scenic meadows while other in well known filming sites, none of the minute pass away with dissatisfaction or displeasure on the tour because the magical city is dotted with everything that a tourist wishes in the tourism. To discover the art, culture, history and whole charm of the city without missing any major attraction, hire the professional guide that recommends about all the Things to do in Oxford England for memorable and marvelous trip.

Below mentioned are some of the main things to do and see in Oxford that offers long lasting bliss and ecstasy to visitors no matter they are art lovers, student or holidaymaker.

Museums, Art and Picture Galleries


History, art and culture are the most significant part of Oxford that can be discovered at world famous museum and picture galleries. There are large numbers of museums in the city that house the outstanding collection of objects, paintings, specimens, coins, drawings and other items traces back to historic and prehistoric time period that are either been acquired during research by university members or donated by different people.

Ashmolean Museum, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Christ Church Picture Gallery, Museum of the History of Science, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford University Press Museum and Museum of Oxford are city’s most famous museum.

Renowned College, Libraries and University Building

Home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford is popular as a centre of learning all over the world. Oxford University has six permanent private halls and 38 colleges that hold the significant history behind the construction and go through various redevelopment processes.

Christ Church, Balliol, Corpus Christi, All Souls, Harris Manchester, Kellogg, Jesus, Brasenose, Exeter, Queen’s College, Hertford, Green Templeton, Keble, Lincoln, Mansfield, Merton, Magdalen, New College and University College are well known Oxford College.

St. Edmund Hall, Lady Margaret Hall, Bodleian and Weston Library are other main attractions of Oxford University.

Walking in Oxford Parks, Gardens and Meadows

Unwind from the hectic world away from the hustle bustle of city life by walking and lounging around the beautiful parks, meadows or gardens such as University Park, Botanic Garden, Port Meadow, South Park, Christ Church Meadows and etc.

Stunning Nightlife

In addition to get the long lasting peace in gardens and parks, Oxford has a lot for the visitors to escape from the dreary world by enjoying the live music on bar, clubs and other music venues for stunning nightlife.

Oxford Restaurant

Don’t miss to eat the city’s popular dishes prepared by professional chefs using extremely fresh ingredients. The visitors has wide range of dining options such as well known restaurants, farmers markets, coffee shops, food tucks and etc.

Amazing Shopping

Enjoy the wonderful shopping experience in Covered Market where everything is available such as jewelry, flowers, clothing, footwear, fruits, gifts and lots more.


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