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Things to do in Oxford City guide to Municipal Buildings of Oxford City

In 1879, His Majesty the King inaugurated the newly build Municipal building of Oxford City . The architecture style of this newly inaugurated building was a unique mixture of Elizabethan and Jacobean, which was very similar to other new buildings constructed in Oxford City. This building made at St Aldate’s Street look a little bit more posh which looked little dull before due to Tom Tower of Christ Church College with its grand architecture.
The Municipal Corporation building architecture design was divided into three different portions, with three bays and three arches. Three large mullioned windows above the entry, brings loads of light into the Assembly Room. Some other architectural features include octagonal towers with capping and vanes. The building is flaunts the statues of Queen Victoria and the Oxford City Arms.
Top Things to do in Oxford City is to visit Municipal Corporation building which was also used as the accommodation for several employees of the corporation like sanitary inspectors. Many other important departments of the city administration were also in this same building including the Sessions Court and Jury Rooms, Thames Valley Police Station, Drill Hall and Public Library on three different floors.
The Town Hall is a majestic room with dimensions of 110 feet by 55 feet which is surrounded posh gallery on three sides. The plaster of the ceiling is vaulted with beautiful design. The window has several coats of arms which shine with stained glass. The town hall also houses the accommodation for 200 performers for orchestra and the grand organ in the town hall was by a gentleman call Wills, who charged 2000 pounds.
The seating arrangements of the Oxford City, Town Hall can accommodate 2000 people. The Town Hall room was designed in a way to impress visitors because the city people were competing with Oxford University Colleges in grandness and madness. The architecture style of the room was Renaissance which reflected the High Class style of that time.
The Assembly Room can accommodate 600 persons and the room has a grand size of 64 feet by 32 feet. The style of this is highlighted by the Oak panels and Elizabethan fireplace which is made of marble and stone.
The Council Chamber was designed in a style which was similar to the other parts of this building. The design of the Council Chamber is impressive, with ornate Oak panels, ceiling, impressive stain glass windows and seating arrangement in this room was comfortable and big chairs to house over sized council members.
The Drill House of the Municipal Council building was also very generous according to that time standards, with room size of 71 feet by 55 feet. As the name suggest the Drill House was used by the Thames Valley Public Force for drills. The Drill House can be accessed from Blue Boar Street . Presently, this grand room is used for parties and receptions ny the members of public.
The Public Library can be visited from the stone stairway. 200 readers can be accommodated in this room. The Library has multiple rooms including the ladies room, reference department and children’s reading-room.
As tourists you can plan to include The Oxford Museum to your list of things to do in Oxford.This above description of the Municipal Corporation building reflects the grandness of aspiration of locals of Oxford City who were intimidated by the Oxford Universities daunting building. Although, cannot be compared with the size of Oxford University buildings but towns folk aspiration to match the university is admirable. The Oxford City Visitors Guide has given the description this unique building in Oxford City centre which now sits quietly and still dominated by the surrounding University of Oxford buildings. We hope visiting this municipal building should make the list in things to do in Oxford , so you can learn some things about Oxford City also.
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