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Visit Abingdon-on-Thames

Visit Abingdon in Oxford

      Visit Abingdon in Oxford

The Abingdon-on-Thames is well known for its ancient ancestry. It is believed to be the oldest town in Britain. Civilization near the convergence of rivers Thames and Ock made settlers stick to it for the lifestyle, food and also opportunities to do commerce. Today, the town boosts of its ancient heritage but it has moved on. But one can still get a glimpse of those times with the bun-throwing ceremony. It still has the mock mayor elections of Ock Street that at that time featured Morris dancers and pure amusement. The town criers wearing the 18th century costumes bring alive the scene when this was a reality, with the clanging of the hand bell and a fervent cry of, “God Save Abingdon.”

Doe it sounds interesting to toss buns in public in 21st century Britain?

The festivals and events

The blast from the past cannot be missed at all for any visitor in town…actually 400 yearsold tradition that is a part of the mock mayoral election! During the ceremony the buns come raining from the sky. Upturned colorful umbrellas hold and few buns. Some grab them with their hands and the last time Britons and visitors had this much fun was when the town celebrated Kate and Williams wedding in 2011.

Guess what? There is a county hall that has preserved buns from other ceremonies held over centuries!

So, you need a place to stay and see this mayhem?

Stay at one of the traditional establishments run by families. There is other simple B&B places, small inns and even contemporary hotels. You will find something that meets your pocket. This will help you to enjoy other things to do like the family water park, market place cafes, Hanson Way, Pitch & Putt course and the Thames path. By the way 6 miles away on the southern end one can reach Oxford town by boat or by a short walk.

Getting to this old town

It is bang in the center of England, UK. The capital, London is an hour’s drive. The Royal Windsor, Shakespeare’s Stratford and Stonehenge are not far too. Since the town does not have a station of its own walk to the nearest stations like Radley (3miles), Oxford (7 miles), Didcot Parkway (8 miles). Look for the timetables to reach the place. Buses too operate from nearby places to reach Abingdon. Try to catch a bus from Oxfordshire. Look for the route maps online and buy the tickets.

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