Oxford City Visitors Guide to tourism in Oxford, England.

Oxford Tourist Information for planning your trip to visit Oxford City & University of Oxford.

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If you are planning to visit Oxford, then browse our list of What to do in Oxford with our Oxford City Visitors Guide.

Oxford offers wide variety of things to do in Oxford, including visiting University of Oxford, Bodleian Library, world class museums, visiting oldest colleges on Oxford Walking Tours, climbing a tower to see Oxford from a different view and also punting. Click here to find top 37 things to do in Oxford

Oxford Walking Tours of Oxford University

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  1.  Join a Free Walking Tour of Oxford because it is the easiest way to visit all top tourist attractions and learn about the history of Oxford University, City & Bodleian Library.What to do in Oxford

    Joining a Premium Free Oxford Walking Tour is the best way to visit the Oxford University’s oldest colleges. University colleges are not open to the members of public everyday, so visiting a college can be a difficult task.

    What to do in Oxford

    Joining a Premium Oxford Walking Tour by Oxford students and University alumni will surely take tourists into the oldest college because guides are members of the colleges. Visit Oldest Lecture Halls, Examination Halls, Graduation Venue and learn about historic traditions and famous students anecdotes for best Oxford Experience. Also visit on this premium tour Inspector Morse and Harry Potter filming sights.  

    For more information on Premium Oxford Walking Tour click here.

  2. Visit Best Oxford Museums

    To learn about history, culture, art and human evolution.What to do in OxfordThere five world class Oxford Museums for tourists to indulge in. Ashmolean Museum, Museum of History of Science, Museum of Natural History, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford Museum and Modern Art. Click here for further information about museums.

  3. Visit Historic Oxford University Buildings-The historic Oxford University is made of 38 colleges and 6 halls which are independently run. There are many building in Oxford University which are tourist attraction and can be visit by joining a Walking Tour of Oxford.

Find what to do in Oxford for relaxing by a going to visit University of Oxford Botanic Gardens. University of Oxford has beautiful botanic gardens which are usually open to members of public throughout the year.What to do in OxfordBotanic garden is located near Magdalene Bridge which is approximately 20 minutes walking away from Oxford City centre.

4. Visit Modern Art Museum in Oxford.                                                                What to do in OxfordModern Art Oxford museum is free entry and it exhibits many unique exhibitions for artists from around the world.


5. Visit Bicester Village for shopping therapy.

What to do in OxfordBicester Village is 40 minutes outside Oxford and you can buy big brand products on discounted rates.

6. Visit Blenheim Palace which has its own unique place in the British history.

What to do in Oxford

 For planning what to do in Oxford click here for finding things to do in Oxford.




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