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What to do in Oxford City while Punting and Nude Bath

When tourists are coming to Oxford City , they have many plans of visiting sights, visiting a local pub and punting.Punting is seen as a part of student experience which is ideal for relaxing and hiding away from worries of assignments and exams. Oxford Tourist Information guide takes to feel the thrill of Oxford experience while punting. Most of the tourist planning to visit Oxford can be excused for not knowing about punting. So, let us start today by informing you about punting in Oxford City .
What is a Punt? In simple words, punt is a square ended and flat bottomed boat which is was used by the natives of Oxford for carrying vegetables, fruits, meat and people on ThamesRiver . There is a pole which is used to maneuver the punt. Presently, tourists who visit Oxford use these punts for recreational purposes. Punts became popular in both Oxford and Cambridge because of shallow waters and inaccessible by big motor boats.      
The best place to punt in Oxford is in near Magdalen Bridge near Magdalen College and opposite Botanic Gardens. When tourists visit the Magdalen College or Botanic Garden they miss the punts which can be seen under the Magdalen Bridge . When tourist look at punts from the bridge, punts look very beautiful and promising a unique Oxford Experience in river Thames .
When tourists go on punting in river Cherwell, they come across many exquisite and breathtaking views of University of Oxford and its city. Oxford Tourists Information guide recommends visiting a small island which is located near Oxford University Parks. This island is known as Mesopotamia , in Greek this means between the two rivers. There is also one more place that Oxford Tourist Information guide will recommend is called the Rollers. The Rollers is when any punt are rolled into or pushed out at change of level at a weir. Parsons Pleasureis place where traditionally tourists, students and locals were allowed for nude bathing but it is only for men bathing and for women to enjoy.
There are three places where tourist can hire a punt while visiting Oxford from Howard’s Landing Stage, Cherwell Boathouse and Salter’s Steamers. There is also a Victorian Café near the Cherwell Boathouse for a relaxed pub food and a pint. Punting can be enjoyed at all the times except while raining and sometimes tourists have to wait due to long queue. Tourists can also plan to book punts in advance.
As a part of Oxford Experience, you can stand at a sloping end of the punt; put your one foot forward and before taking the punt into water practice to lifting and balancing of pole. One word on of caution is that while you are enjoying punting in the river be very careful and alert. Sometimes the pole is stuck in the mud and as a tourist experiencing this Oxford tradition you should not keep on holding the pole because the punt will keep on moving and you left hanging. Lastly, if you are not confident of punting then go on the Folly Bridge and go on a river cruise.

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List of Theatre in Oxford

Oxford Playhouse

Beaumont Street, 01865 305305
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Creation Theatre Company

01865 766266
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Old Fire Station

George Street, 01865 297170 (Box Office)
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Burton Taylor

Gloucester Street, 01865 305305
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New Theater (Apollo)

George Street 0870 606 3500
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Oxford Shakespeare Company

0870 609 2231
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Pegasus Theatre

Magdalen Street, 01865 722851
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Pullman Stage at Pegasus

North Wall Arts Centre

South Parade, Oxford OX2 7NN, 01865 319 452
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