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Wizard Night of Exciting Fun and Amazing Games Around Oxfordshire for Harry Potter Fans

Great news for the Harry Potter Fans!

In Oxfordshire, young wizards and little witches are planning to don their robes and go into the magical or mysterious world of Hogwarts for Harry Potter Book Night. In occasion of bestselling Harry Potter book series, venues from different nooks of the nation are arranging on exciting games and extensive range of delighting activities to have great fun today.


Guests are invited to sample Butterbeer and enter the slip of their name into the Goblet of Fire. A ‘Most Unusual Quiz’ will be host by the Staff with invited visitors at the story museum.

Renowned magician, Front of house and retail manager at story museum Duncan Saunders states that he has been enhancing his magic spells for the wonderful night of Harry Potter-themed quiz and they have been making the perfect recipe for Butterbeer that they will be going to sell at the bar.


This night going to prove life’s one of the most amazing nights out for the Harry Potter fans. Even it is believed that Howlers would not present in large numbers during the night.”

In other place of Oxford City, youngsters are invited to wrapped up themselves with the costume of favorite personality and become a part of wonderful adventure at Cowley as well as Oxford Central Library.

Sorcerers will learn their Wingardium Leviosa under the direction of Paul Harris who is the choreographer of wand combat from Expecto Patronum at Waterstones in Broad Street. Other than this, events are also being organized in Banbury and Didcot.


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