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Wonderful Shopping Experience in Oxford’s Covered Market

Oxford one of the most popular university cities and ideal tourist destination across the world is flooded up with the riches of a gripping beauty, stunning architecture and significant history. Fascinating museums, mesmerizing honey-colored college buildings, world-famous filming sites, captivating churches, bouncy sports activities, enticing meadows and beautiful Oxford Sightseeing all are the hidden pearls of city. Having something for every traveler, the city draws the attention of more than thousands of worldwide tourists every year. Apart from exploring the history of Oxford and university buildings, tourists can make the wonderful shopping experience in the exotic atmosphere of city.

Located to the north of High Street in the centre of the city towards the western end between Turl Street and Cornmarket Street, Covered Market is Oxford’s world-famous historic market. Originally opened on 1 November 1774, the market dates back to 1771 when John Gwynn (architect of Magdalen Bridge) showed the plan for such market to offer poultry, vegetables, meat, herbs and fish as well as to change existing street market in Butcher Row and Fish Street. In 1772, the original Market committee whose half members came from the university and town accepted an approximation for 916 pounds and ten shillings for the building of twenty butchers’ shops.
The shops were divided into blocks and with the constant growth, the market need some expansion. Thomas Wyatt expanded the market underneath an iron roof in 1830s and later than further renovation took place in 1880s and 1890s.
Today’s market where you can buy great assortment of fish, meat and fresh fruits is maintained with much of Victorian ambiance and embellished with perfect combination of original trade plus high-quality establishment. The market can be accessed easily via three entrances from Market Street, four entrances on High Street and from Cornmarket through Golden cross alley.

Covered Market is a home to several merchants selling an exclusive collection of goods such as chocolates, cheeses, footwear, leather goods, seafood, jewelry, gifts, flowers, fine foods, watches and lots more. The pleasant smell of fresh ground coffee and delectable dishes pulls the attention of tourists to have some lip-smacking refreshment. Thus while enjoying the shopping in Oxford City Tour doesn’t forget to eat the mouth-watering eatables and drink beverages that are available in different varieties such as cake, ciabatta and etc.
The market has made an appearance in several television episodes such as Absolute Conviction, Greeks Bearing Gifts, Counter Culture Blues, Falling Darkness and The Soul of Genius.

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